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GRAMMAR es la columna vertebral de todo idioma.

Cuando tienes conocimiento de la gramática de un idioma, es muy fácil estructurar tus ideas y expresarlas. En esta  sección encontrarás clases útiles en pdf que te servirán para dominar el inglés.

Simple Present
Simple Past and Past Continuous
Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
If and Wish
Passive Voice
Could (do) and could have (done)
Second Conditional
Passive in Past Tenses
Passive in Future Tenses
Passive with Modals
Subjunctive (I suggest you do)
Had better   It's time ...
Reported Speech
Auxiliary Verbs (have / do / can, etc.) I think so / I hope so, etc.
-ing and the Infinitive
Prefer and would rather 
Tag Question (Do you? / isn't it?, etc.)
Preposition (in / for / about, etc.) + -ing
Verb + Preposition + -ing (succeed in -ing) accuse somebody of -ing, etc.)
Expressions + -ing
To ..., for ..., and so that .. (purpose)
Adjective + to ...
See somebody do and see somebody doing
-ing Phrases (Feeling tired, I went to bed early.)
Articles and Nouns
Pronouns and Determiners
Relative Clauses
Relative Clauses 3: whose / whom / where
Relative Clauses 2: Clauses with and without who / that / which
A friend of mine   My own house  By myself
Some and any
There ... and It ...
Myself / yourself / themselves, etc.
Singular and Plural
Noun + Noun (a tennis ball / a headache,etc.)
Relative Clauses 4: Extra Information Clauses (1)
Much, many, little, few, a lot, plenty
No / none / any  Nothing / nobody, etc.
Relative Clauses 5: Extra Information Clauses (2)
All / all of most / most of  no / none of, etc. 
-ing and -ed Phrases (the woman talking to Tom, the boy injured in the accident)
Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives Ending in -ing and -ed (boring / bored, etc.)
Adjectives and Adverbs 2 (well / fast / late, hard / hardly)
So and such
Comparison 2 ( much better / any better / better and better / the sooner the better)  
Conjuctions and Prepositions
In case 
Although / through / even though / in spite of / despite 
On time and in time     At the end and in the end
At / on / in (time) 
Unless   As long as   Provided / providing
In / at / on (Position) 1
Like and as
Like / as if / as though
For, during, and while
As (= at the same time) and as (=because)
By and until   By the time ...
In / at / on (Position) 2
In / at / on (Position) 3
To / at / in / into
In / at / on (Other uses)
Noun + Preposition (reason for, cause, etc)
Adjective + Preposition 1
Adjective + Preposition 2
Verb + Preposition 1 to and at
Verb + Preposition 2 about / for / of / after
Word Order 1: Verb + Object ; Place and Time 
Word Order 2: Adverbs with the verb
Still, yet, and already   Anymore / any longer / no longer
Verb + Preposition 3 about and of
Verb + Preposition 4 of / for / from / on
Verb + Preposition 5 in / into / with / to / on
Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal Verb 1 Introduction
Phrasal Verb 2 in / out
Phrasal Verb 3 out
Phrasal Verb 4 on / off (1)
Phrasal Verb 5 on / off (2) 
Phrasal Verb 6 up / down
Phrasal Verb 7 up (1)
Phrasal Verb 8 up (2)
Phrasal Verb 9 away / back
Regular and Irregular Verbs
Present and Past Tense
The future
Modal Verbs (can / could / will / would, etc.)
Short Forms (I'm / you 've / didn't, etc)


Además de una gramática bien dominada, el vocabulario básico de un idioma es indispensable para que te desenvuelvas en cualquier interacción o situación y la lista de verbos principales deben ser parte de tu conocimiento general. Descarga en pdf los verbos en inglés más importantes.

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