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Here are some readings from the house that aim its message at helping you keep moving forward.

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Words are important. The vocabulary you use expresses your inner being, how you feel inside, your thoughts, the way you drive yourself, the people you surround. Emboding the right words into yourself will help you see life in truth and by seeing things as they really are, life will be happier and better for you. Here is a list of  vocabulary words for your life:

  • Virtue: Elevation of the being of the human person. ULTIMUM POTENTIAE, the maximum that man can aspire to, that is, the realization of human possibilities in the natural and supernatural aspect (AQUINO, T.)

          Virtud: Elevación del ser de la persona humana. ULTIMUM POTENTIAE, lo máximo a que pueder aspirar el hombre, os               sea, la realización de las posibilidades humanas en el aspecto natural y sobrenatural (AQUINO, T.)

  • Justice: the ability to live in truth with others. (Pieper, J.)

          Justicia: la capacidad de vivir en la verdad con el prójimo. (Pieper, J.)

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